Amanda Ngcono Nkomo

Amanda Ngcono Nkomo is my name. I was born in the beautiful second largest city of my Motherland, Zimbabwe. I am a proud Zimbabwean and very passionate about my roots. I was raised in Bulawayo “City Of Kings” in Mpopoma, I came to the UK when I was four years old but go back home every year without fail, I take a lot of pride in that and in the fact I speak Ndebele (my mother tongue) fluently.


I took an interest in modelling 3 years ago, but the last two years have been the most intense as I have become more dedicated and passionate about my career in the industry. My sheer will to succeed started to pay off, I have taken part in numerous competitive fashion shows, photo shoots and music videos in my home town, Manchester.

Modelling gives you an opportunity to reach a wide audience and whenever I get the chance to use the platform to express my other interests, I speak about issues that affect my community; poverty among women, girl child education, shortage of sanitaries for rural girls, and early marriages among children due to socioeconomic problems. These issues affect countries all over the world which is why Miss World Zimbabwe is the perfect platform for me. Competing has meant being able to bring this issues to the forefront nationally, but winning will mean reaching the masses globally, that is my end goal, to be the shining light for young girls and women globally and inspire them.
Hearing about Miss World Zimbabwe has been a game changer for me, if I win one of my main goals will be to open a charity for kids back in Zimbabwe who are affected by the issues I am passionate about.