Karen Kawadza

My name is Karen Kawadza and I am the founder of Eminent Youth Journal. I was born in Bulawayo and raised in Manchester. My time spent in Johannesburg, South Africa between 2013-2015 was what embedded in me the love I now have for my culture.

I want to be a voice for under-represented young people. I am extremely passionate about ridding society of the stereotypes aligned with people in third world countries and it is my goal to unify young people by highlighting their similarities more than their differences.

In the next 5 years I see myself actively standing for youth and creative empowerment at a bigger scale in my city.

Miss World Zimbabwe came at the right time for me, if I was to win the title, I’d use it to continue to be a strong influencer for young people globally. I’d go as far as I can, to show the world the cultural richness, strength and history of Zimbabwean people.

My role models are my parents for always showing resilience in stormy times and their ability to show love to all who are around them.

In my spare time I produce music, do photography and travel.