Natasha Gweza

My name is Natasha Gweza. I am 18 years old and was born in Harare. I lived in a little town called Kuwadzana before moving to England in 2011. This year I will be going to DeMontfort University to study Nursing, I plan to specialise in Child Nursing further on in my career.

It has always been my dream to work with children, my inspiration stems from the admiration I have had from my grandmother from a young age. My grandmother always had an unconditional love for all the children in the family and always cared for them tirelessly and effortlessly, always going above and beyond what she needed to, in order to take care of all of our needs. She ignited the passion in me to help children that are in need of care and so one day I hope I can show those kids the same love and care.that my grandmother once showed me when I was young.


I attended Dudley Hall boarding school from the age of 7 until 11. It was at this school that I really learntabout the woman I wanted to become. From a very young age, I was taught about the importance of education, family and knowing one’s culture which have played a part in my upbringing. These 3 pillars, fuelled my ambitions to always work hard, maintain good relationships with everyone and never forget where I came from. It was also at this school that I fell in love with fashion.

When I’m not in school, I love to do things such as cooking, singing and watching some of my favourite TV series. I am a Christian and sing for a gospel group called the Believing Souls. This is a gospel group which is part of a bigger group called Ebenezer Gospel. This band plans different events throughout the country and often brings gospel artist from back home as well as other countries like South Africa to come and perform. Being part this organisation helps me build my confidence and gives me a chance to help raise money for children back home.

I have been involved in numerous charitable projectsfor worthy causes. One being the NCS, this programme works with teenagers and teaches them the basic skills you need after leaving school such as being a team player, learning to be leader, thinking outside the box as well as being independent. During the NCS programme, we had an opportunity to work with a chosen charity as our final project. As a group, we decided to work with Derbyshire Careers Association which is a charity that supports carers who look after a friend or family member who, due to illness, disability, mental health problems or an addiction cannot cope without their help and support.

I love being an active and involved member of my community whether it’s helping with my church youth group or working with people in the community. I am hoping that taking part in Miss World Zim UK will be thestart of an amazing opportunity to connect with a lot of women and young girls all over the world. If I won I would use this opportunity to show that anyone no matter the age can accomplish what they set out to achieve. I will encourage, empower and support women and girls of all ages and to give back to the same community that has inspired me achieve more.