Tafadzwa Mazanhanga

According to society, my skin colour and body structure identifies me as an African, but for me it is deeper than that. My mind, heart and soul are what make me a proud African. My name is Tafadzwa Mazanhanga and I am a Zimbabwean.


My upbringing, I feel represents the true definition of a Zimbabwean upbringing. I was truly raised by a village. My father and mother allowed my aunties and uncles to be father figures and mother figures to me. Love and care overwhelmed me and I was a happy child and now a grateful adult for it.

I first came across Miss World Zimbabwe Uk when my friends were sending me posters of the pageant, simply because they know l love modelling. I then decided to attend the audition.

Modelling has helped me find confidence and self esteem in myself and in my interests. Self esteem and confidence are the tools you need to be able to vocalise your opinions and be heard in society and in the community, thats why I see them as essential qualities.

If I won , I would be an Advocate for all girls around the world. A brand ambassador for Zimbabweans and Africa as a whole. I would stand up for our rights, campaign about issues that we face and work with charities. This will be an opportunity to influence all the young Zimbabwean girls and women out there because I will be a brand ambassador/ advocate and be representing Zimbabweans globally.

I would like to see myself as my role model, Princess Diana. A woman of impeccable character, poised ,graceful but strong willed and charitable. I am surrounded by women with her qualities, from my mother, grandmother to my aunts.

My future is a bright one; I am currently studying law and will one day get a PHD in Law as well as be an advocate for vulnerable people.