Tanaka Muwalo

My name is Tanaka Muwalo, born in Zimbabwe to a Malawian mother and Zimbabwean father. I am a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual who thrives at any chance to reach success. I have outstanding communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills. I am confident in conducting myself in a professional manner in a wide variety of situations and this has served me well in my professional life as a support worker.


In 2013, my love for charitable work led me to join an NCS team, we raised over £1000 for a local charity called Rainbows Children Hospice in Loughborough. I’m currently a support worker, I have met a lot of different people with different needs. I have learnt the importance of listening and showing the correct body language when dealing with mentally challenged adults,I have gained and have a better understanding that every disorder is different and people need individual support. I have also been exposed to violence and I have been able to gain experience in learning how to de-escalate a violent situation and how to change direction of conversation when the patient is getting unsettled.

Whilst on my gap year I’ve been modelling at fashion shows,photo shoots for a clothing line, video shoots for music artists and appeared as a special VIP guest at music concerts. I also really enjoy being behind the camera.

Miss World Zimbabwe Uk has been a great and positive experience thus far. It’s really good to be in the company of professionals and girls who are driven and determined. My journey wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my grandma, her unshakeable belief in my ability to be successful as a model is nothing short of amazing. She travels with me to appointments, makes sure I have an updated portfolio and encourages me. If it wasn’t for her consistent effort , I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

If I win the competition I want to make Zimbabwe proud and become an icon by empowering women. I want them to know that they may have no control of their current circumstances, but they cannot let it define who they are, I want them to know that they are in complete control of their future.

Yes I am soft hearted but strong, self-aware and sure. Respected for my mind and admired for my heart and I truly believe I will make a great title holder.

In five years I see myself as a professional social worker, whilst also pursuing a modelling career part time.