Keili Bent

ATUU, meaning embrace, is a brand designed to inspire people by taking them on a personal journey that they can be apart of!

Founder Keili Bent’s initial trip to Ghana was for the purpose of tracing her ancestry, and identifying where she came from.

Keili was given the opportunity to do some voluntary work in the Eastern Volta Region in Ghana.

“This was huge for me on so many levels, I was travelling to the unknown alone, leaving my two children behind for a whole month, but I somehow knew that this was something that would benefit us all,” she said

Keili said that while she was on this personal journey she felt comfortable in her own skin.

“Every insecurity or flaw I ever had disappeared. With my bare feet sinking into the African red soil where my ancestors had passed through, I proudly wore my natural hair, let the sun sink into my natural face whilst wearing BIG, BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL, BOLD, AFRICAN colours,”

“If anything, I was subconsciously drawing more attention to myself. It dawned on me that this is the closest I had ever felt to being free! I didn’t want this feeling to end,” she added.

Half way through her trip, after visiting the slave castle in Cape Coast, she saw the strength and resilience of the Ghanaian people, watching and admiring them making something out of what many would perceive as nothing. It was something, she says, she needed to add into her own lifestyle and it was also something she needed to share!

From this experience, she decided to try and fuse her experiences together.

“If I couldn’t bring Africa home then I could bring a piece of Africa back with me, in the form of clothes.”

“When a woman wears one of these garments they will embrace their beauty, embrace their spirit and feel confident, as every item is made with the strength and passion of an African.”

Each year 10 percent of the profits made will be reinvested back in to the villages, helping to create jobs. The purpose of this is to help provide the villages with a platform to showcase their talent and work ethic. This will enable them to become more independent and provide stability for their families.