Kuda Matiza

KudaMatiza is a Zimbabwean Born Artistprenuer based in South Africa. A Music and Film Graduate.KudaMatiza ventured into Fashion from the aspect of Creation, Construction-Design and the love for Fashion. The interest came into aspect of speaking the many stories that Africa has but being able to fit them into clothing. He has worked with Influential people in different industries including Film, Television and Music. Fashion being the most tangible of all Creative Artistry is where he channels the various forms of creation into. ‘The Purpose is to seek inspiration to inspire’

House OfHohwa was Founded in 2013 by KudaMatiza who is the Founder/Creative Director and Designer. The Designer House whose name Hohwa means ‘Mushroom’ in Shona designs couture garments of Urban Ethnic wear. The Mushroom is the connotation of the identity of the Garments which represents diversity, culture and identity from the modern Africa.

The first collection Urban Shroom 2015 was released in 2014. Urban Shroom was a collection that symbolizes the emergence of Urban Ethnic wear into the today representing the arrival of Africa in the urban environment. Like Mushrooms our pieces were noticed in places visible to everyone.

Our second Collection Launching this year 2015 is called Mambokadzi 2016. Mambokadzi (Queen in Shona) defines the Urban Woman whose values and character are not forgotten in the way she dresses. In this collection we represent everything about the modern today woman who stands strong, collective and confident proudly African.