Rose Collins

She stumbled upon the art of Millinery by chance after searching for ways to revive her hats which had been damaged in transit enroute to her boutique in Zimbabwe. WIth a desire to find out how to fix her hats, Rose Collins soon got hooked on how they were created.  

“The quest for knowledge led me to train with some of the best milliners in the world – namely the Legendary Rose Cory – who was the Queen Mother’s Milliner,” said Rose.

Rose Collins Millinery was formed in 2015 and since then Rose has  handmade beautiful and exciting headwear for men and women using traditional millinery techniques such as blocking, steaming, stiffening and stretching,  using only the best materials.

“ I have started to incorporate traditional African prints such as Ankara fabric, African beads and Ndebele art and colours.”

“Rose Collins Millinery is going from strength to strength.  The goal is for Royalty, celebrities and the first lady of Zimbabwe to wear a bespoke hat made by RCM,” Rose said

Rose said hats give her a buzz and that making hats is more of a passion then a job.

“It’s fun yet challenging at times, it’s never dull and it stimulates me creatively.”