Tsitsi Fred

Tsitsi Fred is a Zimbabwean born emerging knitwear designer who is well known for her signature artisanal knits that are textural and colourful. As a young girl she grew up with her auntie who owned a knitwear studio. This is where she got her inspiration from as she used to knit alongside the workers and learning simple techniques.

Tsitsi Fred studied Fashion Textiles (Knitwear) at University of Arts London (London College of Fashion ) and currently in the process of launching her label Tsitsi Fred Knitwear. Tsitsi Fred’s final major project ‘Knowing Dylan’ is a knitwear collection that is inspired by her son who is diagnosed autistic and presents social and communication deficits from a very young age. Through research she integrated her findings into fashion where materials, colour, texture, functionality and practicalities of the garments are all taken into consideration to suit the needs of the autistic as well as the non-autistic, aim being to break the boundaries of a neurotypical culture and raise a neurodevelopmental awareness to the society. Tsitsi Fred is an outreach Mentor for Insight (London College of Fashion) and through her final major project she has since showcased her collection on various occasions and participated in community autism awareness projects in Greenwich Borough.

In November 2014 Tsitsi Fred participated in a Pitti Filati (Italy) project where she represented London College of Fashion. She made samples that were selected for production of a garment that showcased at Pitti in January 2015. On her Negotiated Portfolio Project Tsitsi Fred collaborated with Pitti Filati and made samples for ‘wake up’ S/S 17 swimwear collection to be showcased at Pitti Filati (Italy) in June 2016.

When it comes to design Tsitsi Fred always creates one of a kind knitwear, she makes samples that are empowering. To challenge her aim, she challenges traditional techniques and tries to push boundaries of modern knitwear. Her knits are made of a mixture of fine and thick cotton and luxurious yarns. Tsitsi Fred takes her inspiration from immediate environments as well as around the world.