Tsitsi Sibanda

My name is Tsitsi Sibanda, director and designer of “PESNIQUE ” fashion brand. Born in Zimbabwe from a family of three girls and two boys, being the only one with great passion to dress differently among members with little or no appetite for fashion, however I discovered my passion for fashion at the age of 14 when I came to U.K in 2006. I love colours in fact I do love bright colours and textures of fabrics. I love being creative where I collaborate. I went to Bradford College to further my knowledge about fashion and went to Leeds college Of Art for a degree in Fashion as my preparation into my career.

I really appreciate tremendous efforts that those knew me from my beginning offered me, who were ready to buy my products, I got the needed income for implementing my goals and made my dream to come true.

However through Facebook I did make few break- through to reach many wide distanced customers. I would like to make my brand a famous world brand and that’s my ambitions and long term goals. At the moment I would like to enter any fashion event around to grow my brand and attract prospective partnership.
Currently my portfolio comprises of men and women with potential to overlap it with teens wear. My clothing are made from fabrics from different parts of the world and made into garments in Leeds, UK. I will happy to meet friends and potential customers through my contact on twitter, instagram, website, blog and Facebook respectively. Any constructive engagement is greatly appreciated and I will be happy to attend all raise issues as quickly as soon as I can.

My designs come from the inspiration from different ethnic communities around my neighbourhood and those I encounter when I travel around the world especially my native country of birth Zimbabwe. The influence I get from seeing the beauty of fabrics and innovate it into something beautiful and unique is wonderful and amazing.

I am excited to seeing people wearing garments that I do love to make and seeing them happily dressed and enjoying every moment of it is a great honour to my career. In future I am trying to get background information about where and how my fabrics came to be into the market place where I got them. This I think will help my clients to know if the whole process is fair and adding value to people’s livelihood everywhere there are without exploitation or mistreatment.

“ZIMBABWE FASHION SHOWCASE”, is a platform that is going to help me take my career to a new level by gaining recognition and build a larger client for my Fashion Brand.