Laurah Simbi

My name is Laurah Simbi and I am a proud finalist of Miss World Zimbabwe UK, I am currently studying whilst simultaneously running businesses and supporting charities by fundraising for organisations such as Cancer Research and Children In Need. I have been told that I seamlessly shift gears to help lead through chaos, it is a strength that I am proud of.

An expert in my field, I have worked hard to build what is now an award winning boutique called Locco Trends & Mirror Flare. I also have a Life Coach Service called ‘A Journey With Laurah Simbi’. My innate business acumen has helped me to understand complex issues, take action and birth results in all aspects of my life.


My passion for charities such as Cancer research stems from the loss of my father to cancer. The compassion I have for people has led me to pursue a career in nursing , I also mentor people who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and many more conditions within my area, I am one of the youngest life coaches in my area, it is very challenging but very rewarding. I also recently completed a voluntary daunting challenge for charity by sleeping in the dangerous streets of London for a night. This experience was to expose life from a homeless person’s different perspective.

Advancing through a series of challenges my leadership skills have expanded beyond the boundaries of traditionally caring for people. I have led many strategic initiatives that have concluded with a positive impact on multiple people in business areas and normal family life.

My inspiration really comes from my parents, my father was a Zimbabwean war veteran who sacrificed his life amongst others to grant freedom to the nation and my caring and loving nature comes from my mother; a nurse and business mogul.

In the next 5 years, I see myself excelling in my profession as a nurse. In business I see myself as a future business mogul offering a wide range of services including a counselling centre and recruitment agency for the younger generation. My role model is Oprah Winfrey, for her charity work and continued support to every young and inspiring individual in the world.

I will be privileged, proud and honoured to represent my beloved country Zimbabwe. Winning Miss World Zimbabwe would feel like holding a burning torch lighting up every dark corner of those affected by either lack of education, lack of drive , lack of happiness or those with no voice to be heard. It would be my greatest honour to proudly lift the torch high as l inspire and make every opportunity available reachable and better for everyone.

My favourite life quote is , ” Whatever the mind of a man or woman can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.