About Miss World Zimbabwe U.K.

Miss World Zimbabwe UK is a celebration of Zimbabwe and of women. The people behind this glittering, colourful and prestigious event believe that beauty is about much more than just looks, so they’ve worked hard to redefine the ideas of what a pageant should be about. Led by Zimbabwean entrepreneur and fashion expert  Chiedza Dawn Ziyambe, this team of dedicated and talented creatives includes fashion designers, production assistants and artists who are all passionate about Zimbabwe.

Chiedza is in the unusual position of having been approached by the organisers of Miss World following her outstanding work with the Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase; a collaboration of designers and culture vultures who proudly represent the country’s clothes, music and rich cultural history. The usual process is that interested parties apply for a licence to host the awards, but Chiedza was headhunted instead. This a real testament to her hard work, dedication and love for all things Zimbabwean.

Miss World Zimbabwe UK is the perfect opportunity for bright and spirited women to show the world what they are capable of.