Summerise your style this season

Tafadzwa Zimoyo : Fashion Talk 263

Summer is here, so we can finally and warmly embrace the biggest fashion trends of 2016. From the catwalk to the board-walk, vivid colour is summer’s hottest trend. Whether you wear one hue top to toe or add mini-bursts with fresh accents, like Baby G’s current collection, it’s time to go glam with these saturated shades.Fashion is already a part of our daily life. We adopt our fashion style depending on the weather or seasons.

The effect of fashion in our life gives us the benefit of getting into something new. Through fashion we establish new lines of our culture.

People travelling around the world adopt various styles as fashion varies from culture to culture.

Celebrities become famous fashion designers in order to show their own sense of style.

The latest trends show that teenagers are following the style of celebrities, they put on clothes that are worn by celebrities.

We try to imitate their styles and that become the latest trends of the fashion. The designers are regarded as the brains of new fashion style .

They mainly put emphasis on what is “IN”. I am happy that I learnt a two while in the capital of fashion, London.

I had a chat with my girls (UK-based Zimbabwean born designers) Tsitsi Fred and Tapiwa Dingwiza Kanhemba who showcased at the just ended Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase which was held at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham.

I must salute the girls for representing well. In our discussion we focused on summer wear because in UK too its summer-time.

If your office has a dress code somewhere between white collar and blue collar, then you know the frustrations of trying to keep things fresh in a business-casual environment.

And if you are a guy who likes trying out the latest menswear trends, you might feel like your work style and your fashion life are at odds with each other, a predicament that becomes especially pronounced during the warmer months.

But believe you me when you can totally show off your keen sense of insider fashion knowledge and still look hella professional.

For the guys, this summer’s biggest trend is the vacation shirt, traditionally not something meant for meetings or cubicles — hence its very literal name.

It’s the piña colada of shirts, made for leisurely braais and hangouts.

A must have is the successful mix of two things that sound like they shouldn’t go together: a bamboo-print vacation shirt and a pair of micro-plaid dress pants.

Thanks to the tonal cohesion and the difference in pattern size, these two actually get along just fine.

While you are at it, you might as well take on another style trend, one that just happens to abide by the rules of biz-casual 101. As your grandfather would say, tuck in your damn shirt.

For the ladies here is the quick must have according to fashion harperbazzar:

1. Printed Shorts: Gams your best asset? Flaunt what you have got by drawing the eye to your legs with a bright, eye-catching set of printed shorts.

Balanced with a relaxed and solid blouse, as seen on the runway at Barbara Bui and on Solange Knowles, these styles simply can’t be ignored.

2. Peek-a-Boo Lace: We see you, Carven and Eva Mendes!

Like the old school ground game, these playful styles are coming out of hiding this season.

3. Leather Dresses: Yes! Take a page from Proenza Schouler and Emmy Rossum: The cold weather fabric can work just as well when the mercury rises-as long as you keep your silhouette airy and colours light.

4. Cropped Tops: Show as little (or as much) skin as you would like-the secret to scoring chic looks like Balenciaga and Elizabeth Banks’ is all in the proportions. An A-line skirt is a demure addition to a denim halter, or pair a mini and boxier blouse if you dare.

5. Backless Dresses: Business in the front, party in the back. Nothing gets things started like Azzaro and Kate Mara’s dramatic cut outs. Talk about a big reveal!

We hope you are not left out this season and don’t forget bright colours tops the most.